Handbag Stitching Machine

Handbag Stitching Machine
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Introduction of handbag stitching machine

1.Handbag stitching  machine is an industrial special sewing machine, which can sew the edges of fashionable leather bags,such as handbags, shoulder bags, etc.
2.The handbag machine head design unique,180 rotating body is more convenient for the operator to sew leather bag edges, which is more labor-saving and more efficient.
3.The horn arm of this machine is  long and this design skillfully meets the sewing needs of various fashion bags of different sizes.
4.The machine head contains many kinds of parts, all of which are made by Haas equipment in the United States, with high precision and it is not recommended to replace them easily.
5.If the parts wear out due to improper operation, you can contact us directly to purchase replacements.
6.This machinery is one of our sewing bag series, there are also multi-dimensional edge line sewing, which can be directly consulted with us.

7.The operation of handbag stitching machine is simple and easy to learn. both men and women can operate it.



Details images of handbag stitching machine

169FBP-2handbag machines .jpg

The bag photos of  handbag machine stitching  



Process &packaging of handbag stitching machine