Industrial LUGGage Case Edge Sewing Machine

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Description for  Industrial luggage case edge sewing machine:

1.The machine called industrial bag sewing machine which is used to sew the edges of leather bag or rod box .

2.All the parts of machine is made by HAAS SNS machines which have  high-accuracy so  the quality is beyond doubt.

3.Fully controllable at any stitching speed - ideal for novice, amateur or experienced people

4.Includes complete workbench, motor, lamp, winder, needle, bobbin, tool, operating instructions including online limited free technical support.

5.A suitable needle feed arrangement facilitates the delivery of thick and bulky materials.

6.The machine is divided into an inner presser foot and an outer presser foot lifter, wherein the inner presser foot is responsible for feeding and moving together with the needle.


Parameters of  Industrial luggage case edge sewing machine


Details of luggage case sewing machine  



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