Leather Bag Multi-side Stitching Machine

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Introduction for Leather bag multi-side stitching machine:

1.This machine is applies to multi-side sewing of Handbag with needle feeding and nice stitch.

2.Each part of the machine is made of professional imported equipment,perfact.

3.Parts of the machine have multiple parts for more better operation and stitching.

4.Dp * 17 is the machine needle used in this machine. there are different thickness models for sewing different leather bags.

5.The stitching  speed of the machine can be controlled  to meet different skilled operators.

6.This machine is easy to operate and use. it is the best choice for sewing all kinds of small leather bags.


Specification of leather bag multi-side stitching machine:


Details of leather bag multi-side stitching machine:

The leather multi-side sewing bag machine can sew bags of three-dimensional shape without being limited to planar sewing.



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Dear customer,are you looking for a machine to sew handbags, purses, 

luggage case? This machine called  Leather bag multi-side sewing machine is a good choice.

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