Sewing Machine for Shoe Making

Sewing Machine for Shoe Making
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Description of sewing machine for shoe stitching 

The machine called Double thread &needle shoe sewing machine


The advantages of sewing machine for shoe stitching:

1.This machine can be used to sew two parallel lines of athletic shoes, casual shoes and leather shoes. It is especially suitable for sewing the splicing place of snow boots.
2.The speed of the shoe stitching  machine depends entirely on the operator's habits, either fast or slow, and can produce a large number of shoes per day.
3.The stitch of this machine is double-thread lock type, there are two shuttles, two needles, commonly known as "double needles and double shuttles”.
4.The stitching  thickness of this machine is as high as 6mm considering the material of the shoes being sewn.
5.Presser foot lift is also divided into manual and automatic two kinds, respectively 8 mm and 13 mm.
6.The motor is selected to match the appropriate power according to the needs of each country.
7.Each machine gives a lighting lamp, more clear and open.

Details for heavy duty sewing machine for shoe stitching :


169T boot upper stitching.jpg


The stitching machine for shoe making following can sew shoes as follows:


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