Curved Needle Sewing Machine For Shoe Upper

Curved Needle Sewing Machine For Shoe Upper
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Description of curved needle sewing machine for shoe upper


1.Curved needle sewing machine is the H type in our factory 747 moccasin model, especially suitable for sewing environmental protection shoes.

2.The structure of this curved needle machine is special, there is no horn,good quality.

3.This curved needle machine for upper has exquisite craftsmanship and is equipped with wearing parts to meet the needs of timely replacement.

4.The machine is ingeniously designed to stitch the upper directly to the bottom of the shoe. After the sewing is completed, the pair can be finished.

5.This machine also distributes vise at the same time, which is used to flip the eco-friendly shoes.

Details of curved needle sewing machine for bottom


The environmental protection shoes samples




We can have a look,the stitch of environmentally friendly shoes,the finished shoes is made by this machines,flip after sewing, hand trimming, a pair of shoes is finished,quick sewing, beautiful stitches.

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