Goodyear Shoe Making Machine

Goodyear Shoe Making Machine
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Advantages of  goodyear shoe making machine 

1.Goodyear shoe making machine is called exterior line machine, which is developed according to the same improved design in Italy. it has the same quality as the Italian machine, but the price is very competitive advantage.
2.Goodyear shoemaking machine is suitable for sewing  shoes with thin material, thick material and hard material.

3.This goodyear shoestitching  machine is a integrant facility for making goodyear shoes to sew the welt and midsole together.
4.This machine is particularly befitting for sewing sand shoes, heavy work boots, leisure work boots and right angle exterior line shoes.etc.
5.This shoe  machine is fully automatic refueling, long life can sew sundry pairs of shoes a day.
6.Goodyear shoe making machine  has the individual hooks and square needles, in which the guidelines are used for piercing and feeding, and the hooks are related to threading.


Fixed feature of the goodyear shoe making machine

goodyear shoe machine's parameter.jpg


Packaging and manufacturing workshop view


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