Goodyear Welted Footwear Machinery

Goodyear Welted Footwear Machinery
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Introduction of goodyear welted footwear machinery

This goodyear welted footwear machinery is a goodyear welt shoe chain stitch,it apply to sewing welt structure shoe styles of various specifications and materials, especially for Goodyear shoe welt sewing.
The goodyear welted machine uses awl and needle to wear on the shoe, because the tension of the thread is adjustable, the sewing is very firm. This machine can work with various types of edge strips.
The machine automatically refuels and is durable in use.
The machine is equipped with an electronic control unit for smoothly adjusting the sewing speed.

Using electronic speed motor speed can be flexible, stop the needle position by computer control.


The parameter of goodyear welted footwear machinery


The samples of goodyear welted footwear machinery


You can have a look,the speed of this welt footwear machine for stitching welt is fast and the stitches are even.The speed is adjustable.

The HAAS CNC equipment of our factory


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