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About exhibition - exhibition advantages

Jun 25, 2018

Surveys in the us show that exhibitions are cost-effective than door-to-door sales. 

One,the survey shows that 70% of the visitors are planning to buy one or more products, 3 to 4 people will buy one or more products, and 15 of the 14 show that the exhibition will affect their purchase decisions. Although some spectators take the visit as entertainment, on average, 83% of the audience think they can affect their purchase decisions and the 83% people have the right to decide on the purchase, purchase or recommend to the purchasing department, so the audience spends money on the exhibition and they want the sales staff to give them detailed publicity. 

Two, raise brand awareness: In this industry or related industries often show up to improve the visibility of enterprises. 2. products can be quickly promoted and sold in this industry or related industries

Three, save money: exhibitors will have face-to-face communication with customers at the exhibition, which will save 30% of the cost. The cost of individual door-to-door sales and the result of the corresponding cost at the exhibition are: the former is $302, which includes the salary of the sales representatives, transportation and hospitality, and the latter is $230, which includes the design and construction of the booth, the freight and the travel expenses of the participants. This saves 56% of the cost than the direct sales. 

Four, save time: Less workload, high quality, high signing rate, less follow-up workload after meeting qualified customers at the exhibition. The survey shows that the average number of intended customers contacted at the exhibition is only 1.8 to make a deal. In contrast, the usual typical business sales method requires 7.8 calls to complete. At the same time, 54 % of all orders placed by customers with exhibitors due to their visit to the exhibition do not require follow-up visits by individuals.

Five,good customer experience: I'm afraid there are not many opportunities for hands-on teaching customers to try out products or for sales personnel of service enterprises to bring products to the door for demonstration. The exhibition is the best time and place for exhibitors to demonstrate their products or experience services for potential customers.

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