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Basic performance judgment method for purchasing and selecting industrial sewing machines(一)

Jul 13, 2018

A detailed description of the basic performance of industrial sewing machines in terms of stability, function, low noise, high degree of automation, etc.
Users should not be questioned by the price gap in front of them when choosing. as far as the present reality is concerned, domestic products of this kind have mixed functions. compared with famous foreign brands, the quality and function of some domestic machines are still in short supply. When purchasing such machines, users should take them into consideration.
First, when purchasing such machines, users must purchase them at regular places ( factory direct stores, or dealer stores with reasonable acting qualifications ), and ensure the regularity of the sewing machines purchased ( with certificates of conformity and certification of relevant parts ) and obtain necessary after-sales service promises. Then, it is the field test machine, this link is the most important, and the machine should be debugged repeatedly and tirelessly. In this process, users can focus on examining the functions of the mechatronics sewing machine from the following five points.

Secondly, the stability of sewing. Due to the selection of electronic or computer control system, the stability of the electromechanical integrated sewing machine after reaching the highest rotation speed is good, especially the sewing ability, including whether the stitch is good, whether it is soft, whether it is stable, whether it has skip stitch, broken thread, whether it is wrinkled, etc. are all wonderful manifestations. Therefore, do not buy machines if they are found to have adverse reactions in this regard. GreatRich factory 's shoe machines will undergo repeated tests before shipment. whether it is a side seam stitching machine or a bottom sole sewing machine, it will be shipped after testing.

In addition, when buying this kind of machine, pay attention to the sewing speed. in the process of clothing production, the speed requirement is not as fast as possible. this requirement takes into account the endurance of cloth and sewing thread. Therefore, when choosing the mechatronics sewing machine, we should weigh the sewing speed with the stability of the machine. we should not blindly follow the recommendation of the sales staff and pursue the sewing speed of the machine.