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Basic performance judgment method for purchasing and selecting industrial sewing machines(二)

Jul 13, 2018

Fourthly, the function of single machine is expanded. One mechatronics sewing performance completes the work of several mechanical sewing machines. it can sew more different types of fabrics. And adjust the most suitable differential momentum according to various fabrics. even if the needle distance changes during front and back cloth feeding, the differential ratio will not change and no adjustment is needed.
Fifthly, low noise and low vibration planning. The mechatronics sewing machine has applied computer anatomy, and the optimization plan has been completed from the structure of the cabinet to the fine parts of each part. thus, it can restrain noise and vibration to the greatest extent in its daily operations.The bottom sole sewig machine from GreatRich also has this character,the noise is little.
Therefore, customers should consider this issue when purchasing.
sixth, high degree of initiative and labor-saving operation. When testing the machine, the user must adjust the active function of the mechatronics sewing machine to see if it can finish the set sewing operation on its own initiative.
To sum up, choosing a satisfactory sewing machine needs comprehensive reference from all aspects.