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Classification of industrial sewing machines.

Feb 02, 2018

    Industrial sewing machines are suitable for mass production of workpieces in sewing factoriesw or other industrial sectors.In general,it use motor drive.

    The main feature of industrial sewing machines is that they are very special.First,most industrial sewing machines are designed for a particular workpiece,or even for a particular sewing process.Secondly,it is very productive.Thirdly,it has good quality,the stitches are firm and uniform.

    There are more than 3000 kinds of industrial sewing machine.According to the thread traces,there are mainly five kinds of lock stitch sewing machine,single line chain stitch sewing machine,multi line chain stitch sewing machine,edge chain stitch sewing machine and covered chain stitch sewing machine.On the basis of the above,according to the application and the size of the workpiece and the characteristics and thickness of the sewing material and the form of the the thread seam,it can be divided into various special categories,mainly include the flat sewing machine,the bag sewing machine,leather sewing machine,reinforced sewing machine and industrial sewing machine for various special purposes derived therefrom.

Lock Stitch Sewing Machine:one of the most widely used industrial sewing machine.The lock stitches are the strongest of all kinds of stitches.And even the broken lines in the middle of the stitcheds do not spread out,but they are not elastic.They are generally suitable for stitching seams that do not need to be stretched,such as moven fabrics or artificaial leather.

Single or Multi Line Chain Stitch Sewing Machine:another widely used industrial sewing machine.The head of machine is made up of a spruce mechanism,a hook shuttle mechanism,a wire-lifting mechanism and feed mechanism.The chain stitches are elastic and can be expanded as the stitces are stretched.The stitching material recovers and shrinks.It is especially suitable for knitted garments which need to be expanded and restored when sewing.If the thread is formed by the reverse pull stitch,it is easier to unite the seams.It can sew the need to untie the seams of the loading bag seal and so on.

Edge Chain Stitch Sewing Machine:the head of the machine is made up of an oblique prickly cloth mechanism,a hook shuttle mechanism,a needle rod and a sewing rod thread picking mechanism and feed mechanism.The stitches are made up of one or four stitches,at least one of which covers the edge of the seam,usually using a three-wire wrapping machine,which is mainly used to wrap around the edges of the reinforced joint, or to wrap the edge at the same time when several layers of stitched are stitched.In general,there is a cutting knife fitted,and the edge of the material is cut at the same time as sewing. Because of the greater elasticity of the stitches.In addition to stitching and wrapping of knitted underwear that needs expansion and restoration.

   By the way,GreatRich is a professional manufacturer of industrial special shoe sewing machine for over 30 years.In the classification of application,the special shoe sewing machine is one kind of the industrial sewing machines.The machines of GreatRich can be sew chain-type and lock-type thread stitch.GreatRich is also develop other sewing machines for special solid forming,constantly develop new sewing machines all the time.