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Common sense of shoe production line maintenance

Jun 14, 2018

First, the circuit, gas circuit, oil circuit and mechanical transmission parts ( such as guide rails, etc. ) should be checked and tidied up before and after the shift.
Second, the work process should be inspected, and the key parts should be sampled. if something is found, it should be recorded. minor problems should be handled before and after the shift ( the time is not long ) and major problems should be prepared for accessories.   
Third, the entire line should be shut down and repaired, the vulnerable parts plan should be completed, the vulnerable parts should be replaced early and the problem should be prevented from burning.

There is something wrong with the shoe-making assembly line. how can it be repaired?
1. synchronous repair method: if there is a problem, try not to repair it and adopt the maintenance method. So that the production line can continuously produce. It will be patched up and tidied up by Sunday.
2. partial repair method: if there is a big problem with the automatic production line, the repair time is relatively frequent, and synchronous repair method cannot be used. at this time, the repair worker will repair a certain part. And repair the other part on Sunday. Ensure that the automatic production line does not stop production at working hours. In addition, the pre-repair method should be used as far as possible in handling.
A timer is installed in the equipment to record the working time of the equipment. wear rules are used to guess the wear of wearing parts and replace wearing parts early. the problem can be eliminated once and the production line can be ensured to produce at full capacity.

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