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Hook-up time and Sewing performance of Shuttle

Jan 08, 2018

The time and position of the spin shuttles is closely related to the sewing performance.

    1.The line is broken

   When the hook-line time position of the shuttle is delayed and exceeds the limit,the broken line is increased.In use,we can feel the cotton thread and the synthetic fiber line,the cotton thread can be used in a relatively large range,but when the time position of the hook wire of the rotary hook is too long,the yarn breakage rate of the cotton thread is much.The hook wire time position of the rotary shuttle is generally between 2.0mm and 2.6mm.

    2.Tension and degree of tightness of stitches 

    When the hook wire is time-delayed,the tension of the suture gradually becomes loose,compared with the cotton thread,the tensile property of the synthetic fiber line is good because it is easy to return to the normal condition after being stretched.The tension of the suture is that the thread is tightened,and the back side of the seam material appears.

    3.Floating wire ring

    When the tension of the thread is less than an hour,there will be a floating ring phenomenon,that is,the back side of the sewing material appears like a needle track like a towel . As with the tightening of the noodle , the cotton thread is more likely to produce a floating ring than the synthetic fiber line . With the delay of the rotating shuttle time position , the floating ring phenomenon will be reduced. 

    4.Bouncing pilotage

    The shape of the jump needle and the thread ring and the position of the machine needle and the shuttle tip are closely related,and the shape of the thread ring depends on the nature of the sewing line.The shape of the machine needle and the lifting quantity of the machine needle change.The thread rings formed by cotton thread and synthetic fiber line are different.The thread ring formed by cotton thread is more stable,while the line ring formed by synthetic fiber line is very irregular.

    The relationship between time and skipping the hook line of the relationship between needle position and the number of jumps.The relationship curve is obtained in this experiment is easy to occur.For skipping the hook time position,when it is set to 2.5mm or so rarely slipping.For the needle position,when its position is adjusted to the shuttle tip about 1.2mm above the needle eyes,it is ideal to pass through it.Especially in the use of synthetic fiber line,to prevent the occurrence of needle jumping.It is best to adjust the needle to the point of the shuttle close to the pinhole.