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How to adjust the needle distance of shoe machine

Apr 04, 2018

When we use the sewing machine to sew kinds of shoes, we all want to have a uniform and beautiful stitch pitch, which requires the operator to adjust the stitch pitch mechanism at any time according to the need. Because we sew shoes has thick and thin, soft and hard, do thick material and hard material when the needle spacing is often larger and each adjustment may only apply to one effect. In theory, there is a maximum and a minimum pitch for each shoe machine, but two to three pitches are commonly used.
Adjustment method: there is a button on the side of the machine. press the button by turning the handwheel. after certain rotation, the click sound is heard, indicating that the maximum needle distance value or the minimum needle distance value has been reached. The clockwise rotation of the needle is getting larger and larger, and the counterclockwise rotation is getting smaller and smaller.
It is important to note that when the maximum or minimum value is reached, do not continue to rotate or it will cause part misalignment