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How to choose a pair of martin shoes

Aug 06, 2018

Look at the material of leather

Use your fingers to press the leather on the surface of the Martin boots and press down with the appropriate force to see if the leather is soft and elastic. Press and release to see if you can quickly bounce. From this small movement, we can try out the quality of the cortex. Good leather, soft texture, comfortable hand and good elasticity. The poor quality of the cortex, the hand feels hard, the elasticity is poor, when the finger is pressed on the epidermis, the bounce speed is slow, and the epidermis looks dim.

Look at the sole

Put on the shoes, then take a few steps to see if the soles are soft and elastic, and then forcefully trample on the ground to see if there is a sense of shock. Sole with poor quality, poor softness, no elasticity, when the force is trampled on the ground, the feet will be numb, with a feeling of shock, the sole is too hard, and the anti-seismic effect is also poor.

Look inside

Most of the Martin boots are made of velvet inner middle, and the inner fluff is pulled by the hand to see if it is strong and will fall. Put your hand in the shoe to see if it can quickly warm up. Good quality inside, the fluff is strong, should not fall, put on, can quickly play the role of insulation.

Watch production

Look carefully at the local sewing of each of the boots to see if the sewing is neat and uniform, whether the thread is messy, interspersed, and the lines are redundant. Appropriate force is applied to the local zipper to see if it is strong and strong. The poor quality Martin boots are more casually sewed, and sometimes the lines are cluttered and interspersed, and the excess thread is the most common.

Considering all aspects, choose a pair of Martin shoes that suit you. Comfortable and beautiful´╝ü

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