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How to choose a shoe-making machine

Apr 14, 2018

1. Think about the use of your own purchase sewing machine,sewing clothes or sewing shoes or sewing bags, and then the corresponding to find the suitable shoe sewing machine. Today take a shoe selection machine for example,simply tell how to choose a suitable shoe-making machine.
2. Understand the function and characteristics: there are a lot of sewing equipment in the industry, from simple hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars of special shoe machine. Such as goodyear stitching series moccasin sewing  series, etc. Some functions can only simply sew a simple stitch, others can be personalized to make beautiful shoes, such as sewing specific pattern sewing specific stitches. According to the type of shoes sewn by the sewing position can be divided into many kinds of shoe machine varieties. So you know everything? Of course not, according to the first step has identified the need to understand the field.
3. According to the situation to choose the right price of the machine. As mentioned above, different uses, different functions, the price is also very different. See your positioning, buy the machine just want simple sewing or mass production; Just once in a while or often. If it is the former, you don't need to buy too expensive shoe machine. Because suture strength is small, generally available on the market machine can be. And because this kind of machine market variety, the price is reasonable. If you choose the latter, you need to consider buying a professional shoe-making equipment, not only efficient and labor - saving, may cost more to buy, but later will create equal value. If it is factory use that is countless pairs of shoes to get high profits. According to your positioning from the major sales sites to find the shoe machine you want. The ratio of three to decide. We recommend one of the largest quality assurance shoe machine manufacturers in the business. China's GreatRich shoe machine, more than 30 years of history precipitation, shoe-making process has been very mature, and in order to meet the needs of customers, still in constant research and development and innovation.
4. Understanding actual usage. Before purchasing, let the service personnel show you the operation of the machine so that you can have a better understanding of the purchase machine type, also can initially know whether you can control. After everything is ok, then pay for the purchase.