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How to choose sewing thread specification for GR-168 special sideline shoe machine

Jun 19, 2018

GR-168 special sideline shoe machineis the shoe making equipment used by most shoe factories. its excellent function is comparable to that of similar foreign equipment. Many operators who use the internal machine for the first time do not know how to equip suitable sewing thread specifications. then the manufacturers of shoe-making products below will tell us how GR-168  special machines choose sewing thread specifications.

Generally, the thicker the data processed by 168 side seam machines, the thicker the lines they use and it is better that the surface lines are slightly thicker than or close to the bottom line. The sewing thread such as cotton thread 2 * 3 or 3 * 3 should always be selected based on the function and function of the seam in the shoe, the requirements of sewing technology and appearance quality.
Detailed selection criteria can be explored slowly in practical application,of course, we can also refer to the production criteria of manufacturers of shoe-making production lines.

And this GR-168 special sideline shoe machine also called indoor slippers sewing machine or high quality footwear sewing machine,because it can stitching various shoes types,such us indoor slippers,soprts shoes,etc