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How to choose the boots that suits you

Dec 12, 2018

1.Ankle boots, boots in the ankles;2.Booties, longer than the ankle boots, probably below the calf;

3.Knee boots, a little higher, less than the knee, also known as high boots;4.Over the knee boots, boots higher than the knees.

1,If your calf is thick

Avoid high boots.Ladies with thicker legs, I suggest you avoid wearing high boots, because it will enlarge the defects of your calf, and can not achieve the modification.

Recommended: Chelsea boots, Martin boots

Chelsea boots feature a pointed toe with no laces, a low heel and an elastic band on the side. Ideal for matching coats in winter.

Martin boots can make the overall look more responsive. The advantage of wearing Martin boots is that no matter what your lower body is, it will not affect your handsomeness, but also make the overall shape more diversified.The quality of Martin shoes is also very important, recommend the GreatRich Martin shoes machine series models.

2, if your calf is short

Avoid bright boots.Bright colored boots are generally not beautiful for ordinary people to wear.

If a fairy with a short calf is put on it, even if the overall color is properly matched, it will look very catastrophic.

Recommended: motorcycle boots, classic thick heel boots

Fairies with short calves but still straight, you can choose handsome motorcycle boots, or classic thick heel boots to match, masking the shortcomings of the shorter legs.

Compared with the ankle boots, the motorcycle boots can be used to modify the leg shape. In terms of matching, the classic and thick heel boots are the most suitable. This type of chunky heel is simple in style.

3, if your ankles are thick

Avoid short boots.Suggest those fairies with thick ankles, try to avoid wearing low boots.

Recommended: socks, wide mouth boots

Recommended for the two years of the popular hot socks, like a sock close to the legs, high and thin. Or wide-mouth booties are also good, can cover up the problem of thick ankles, simple and stylish.

4, if your legs are not straight

Avoid the middle boots.

Recommended: over the knee boots, suede boots

Recommend this kind of over-the-knee boots, stretch the body proportions and legs, the ordinary body can also drive, autumn and winter with a pair of over-the-knee boots to keep warm and beautiful.

Choose warm, gray-toned over-the-knee boots, not as strong as leather boots, and the light-fashion style is perfect for the workplace.

Although the suede is not so well-managed, the matte texture of the suede boots has a very autumn texture, which is very echoed in the wear of Morantine color, gentle and advanced.

There are many of shoes can be made by special shoe machines from GreatRich.