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How to deal with common faults of industrial sewing machine

May 02, 2018

Phenomenon 1: the nose rotation lag
Cause of failure: operator added wrong lubricating oil, especially vegetable oil; Too much dirt in the shuttle bed, connecting rod screw, conical screw too tight; Treatment method: after washing the equipment with kerosene, refill the sewing machine lubricating oil; Wash the shuttle bed and loosen the screws to make sure there is a certain gap.

Phenomenon 2: half a circle of stagnation, half a circle of light slip or each turn has a stagnation point; When the wire head of the inner wheel of the shuttle bed runs, not only the half circle is stagnant, but also the vibration and noise are intense.
Cause of failure: the feeding teeth are in high position or excessive dirt is accumulated in the teeth gap, which causes the feeding teeth to collide with the needle board when rising; Treatment method: clean shuttle bed, and fill a little sewing machine oil; Clean or lower the feeding teeth, or replace and align the needle bar.

Phenomenon 3: the nose is stuck and cannot move
Cause of failure: the position of the cloth feeding teeth is too forward or too backward, which causes the needle board to be touched and the needle bar to be installed too high, which causes the needle clamp to touch the casing; Treatment: adjust the position of the feeding teeth, re - align the needle, and adjust the height of the needle bar.