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How to ensure the shuttle of industrial sewing machine oir supply correct.

Mar 01, 2018

    As all we know that the industrial sewing machine always at a high speed.Many domestic shuttle do not reach the high.If the shuttle fail to supply oil well,there will serious wear and tear of the spindles,high noise and other malfunctions,followed by broken lines,poor track,and so on.Especially when in summer,the temperature of the shuttle will go up and even the bobbin case will not be able to take out.The oil supply of the shuttle is to be adjusted at this time

    Firstly,unload the shuttle,then check the amount of oil.If the oil stain becomes larger after removing the shuttle,the reason is the shuttle is blocked by dust and needs to be cleaned up,especially the oil hole felt in the track.If the shuttle is worn out too much,it should be replaced with a new one.If the oil trace is still very small,unload the next shaft copper oil plug and check whether the filter core is clogged,remove after running the machine and check whether there is oil ejection from the next shaft.If the oil path is normal,there will be a lot of oil flowing out at this time,if there is still no flowing out,check whether the oil pump is normal and whether the rubber joint between the pump and the aluminum tubing is broken or bent,and if there is no problem,remove the gear screw and ring of the lower shaft,and then run the machine again.At this point,there should be a large amount of oil flowing out of the sleeve,indicating that there is no alignment between the oil hole and the sleeve hole of the lower shaft.The simple judgment method is to check whether there are friction mark in the oil hole of the lower shaft,and the scale position should be that there is no friction mark in the oil hole,then at this time,the shaft hole of the lower shaft is exactly right to the oil hole of the positive shaft sleeve,according to the friction trace,the position of the left and right shaft of the lower shaft is adjusted appropriately,and then the oil quantity is checked out.After the adjustment,there should be no left and right flow of the lower shaft.If the lower shaft is unloaded,the sleeve still has no oil flowing out.Then check whether the pump,tubing and sleeve oil holes are blocked or damaged,and whether the tubing is plugged.

    Finally,after the adjustment,adjust the oil regulating screw to the right position to prevent the material from being polluted when the amount of oil is too high.