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How to prepare for operation before using the sewing machine

May 07, 2018

I.prepare for operation before using the sewing machine

1. clean all parts of the machine first, and check whether the fastening parts between the parts are loose.
2, check whether the oil l unobstructed, lubrication according to the lubrication requirements.
3, check whether the movement parts have obstacles, protective device is in good condition.
4. check whether the position between presser foot and needle and between presser foot and feeding tooth is reasonable.
5, after the above preparation work is confirmed, can access the power supply, raise the presser foot, empty operation, and check whether the nose handwheel direction is correct, if not correct, adjust the power supply should be relative to each other.
II.sewing machine adjustment
1. adjust the height and height of presser foot.
2. adjust the interval between presser foot and needle.
3. adjust the position of presser foot feeding teeth.
4, adjust the position of the needle bar.
5, adjust the size of the needle code.
6. adjust the spring force of the take-up spring.