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Part one:Introduction of several common techniques in shoe-making production.

Mar 17, 2018

Introduction of several common techniques in shoe-making production.

There are mainly five kinds of shoe-making production process, they are: adhesive process, hot vulcanization process, injection molding process, die pressing process and sewing process.Today we're going to talk about the first three.

1.Shoe adhesive technology is the most widely used in the shoe industry at present, the advantages of this technology is suitable for all kinds of materials, high production efficiency, suitable for assembly line operation. Take adhesive shoes as an example, the main process flow is as follows: fabric, lining cutting - making side ( including sheet edge, hem, seam side, etc. ) - making bottom ( including all kinds of bottom material shaping, processing, stretch side, etc. ) - bottom ( bottom combination ) - drying and shaping - lasting - inspection, etc.
2. Shoe hot vulcanization: the process is divided into hot vulcanization and sticking process and hot vulcanization molding process, the former is more widely used. Hot vulcanization shoe-making technology is mainly used in the production of rubber sole shoes such as sneakers, sports shoes and sports casual shoes.
The main flow of that hot vulcanization and adhesion proces is as follows: manufacture of rubber parts for shoe uppers, mol, vulcanization and lasting removal.
3. Injection molding ( injection molding ) is a shoe-making method by injection molding. This technology is often used in sneakers, sneakers, sports casual shoes and other footwear. Injection molding process is divided into the whole shoe injection molding process ( upper separately ) and sole injection molding process, sole injection molding process can be divided into monochrome injection molding process and multi-color injection molding process. The main flow of that injection mol process is that the material is compress in an injection molding device, then plasticized ( solid plastic is converted into fluid ) and homogenize, then the fluid plastic is injected into a mold cavity of the shoe through an injection channel of the mold, and the molded product is obtained after cooling.
Molding process is widely used in shoes with high bonding strength, such as labor protection shoes and military shoes.