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Matters needing attention in process flow of shoemaking workshop

Jun 11, 2018
  1. The process flow and worker equipment of shoe machine workshop's sewing machine are changed according to different vamp planning. Generally, a sewing machine assembly line produces different quantities of shoes every day and the number of craftsmen required varies greatly.

  2. When sewing, it is necessary to pay attention to the margin of the sewing thread, whether the needle distance is controlled well and whether the specification meets the requirements.

  3. When sewing, it is necessary to pay attention to the correctness of each marking point on the vamp component. if the correct marking is not pressed during sewing, the vamp will be incorrect after finishing, which will make it difficult to clamp the vamp and affect the quality of the product shoes.

  4. It is necessary to equip the sewing workshop with small scissors and other things. the leather shoes factory should purchase and use them on its own.

  5. The finished shoe uppers must be inspected by the quality control department, then properly picked up according to the shoe size required for each order and sent to the semi-finished product warehouse, which will then be sent to the clamping and forming workshop.

  6.  Experienced operators maintain the machine on time to avoid the high failure rate of the machine, which affects the quality and output

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