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Part two:Introduction of several common techniques in shoe-making production.

Mar 21, 2018

Introduction of several common techniques in shoe-making production.

The last news I introduced you to three shoe-making process, this time will continue to update the remaining two techniques. welcome to read!
Molding process is divided into stretch side molding and lasting molding two kinds. The main proces of that stretch molding proces comprises the following steps of: cover the stretched upper on the same type aluminum last of a molding machine after fluffing, pulling out the original last, coating adhesive and the like, putting rubber material in a bottom die, adding warm melting and downward pressing through the molding machine, and finally tightly synthesizing the rubber material hot melting and pressing with the upper at the same time, so that the whole process is basically completed.
The sew process is a traditional shoe-making proces, and that basic characteristic of the sewing process is that the bottom of the shoe is sewed by special hemp thread, the sew process is more complex, the technical requirement is higher, and a process capability and skill of people are fully reflected; and the production process mostly used for high-grade leather shoes is not only a manufacturing process of processing and forming materials, but also a process aesthetic feeling can be brought to users ( consumers ) by the delicate, perfect and complex process, namely, an aesthetic value exists.
In fact, if subdivided, there will be a lot of shoe-making process, such as manual, different process has different skills and sources, which contains people's wisdom and sweat, its value is to make people wear comfortable and aesthetic shoes. Our company's machine can produce all kinds of shoes, good quality, safe and reliable.