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Precautions for maintenance of sewing machines

Jan 02, 2018

    The sewing machine is widely used in sewing equipment,and the cleaning knowledge of the sewing machine and the oiling lubrication method of the sewing machine need to know.

    1.Cleaning of sewing machines

    (1)cleaning of feeding teeth:remove screws between the needle plate and the feeding teeth,remove wool and dust,and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.

    (2)the cleaning of the shuttle bed:the spindle bed is the core of the sewing machine and the most likely place to fail.Therefore,it is necessary to clean the dirt and add a small amount of the machine oil.

    (3)cleaning of other parts:the surface of the sewing machine and all parts in the panel shall be cleaned frequently.

    2.Oil lubrication of sewing machine

    Special sewing machine oil must be used.When the sewing machine is continuously used for one day or several days,it should be fully added with oil.If oil is added in use,the machine should be allowed to idle for a period of time,so that the oil fully infiltrates and thrown out excess oil,then clean the machine head and table with a clean soft cloth to avoid soiling the seams.Then thread the rags and wipe them with the movement of the sewing thread,and throw out the excess oil until there is no traces of oil on the rag,then the formal sewing.

    Refueling site maintenance:

    (1)each oil hole on the head of the machine is lubricated and the upper shaft and the upper shaft are connected.

    (2)the parts inside the panel and the moving parts connected by the components.The lubricating presser and the needle bar and the parts connected to it.

    (3)wipe the movement of the lower parts of the machine board and add less oil.

    Each refueling hole and refueling part of the refueling volume need not be too much,one or two drops will do.

    Secondly,the maintenance of sewing machine should also pay attention to the following points:

    (1)after the work is finished,the needle is inserted into the pinhole plate,lift the press foot,and the machine head is covered with the machine,in order to prevent the dust debris from invading.

    (2)at the beginning of the work,the first inspection of the main parts is check the severity of press foot,there has special voice or not,and observe whether it has the reasonable axial clearance.Then open the machine cover,starting from the main shaft wheel,there is thread winding between check spindle wheel and axle sleeve;lift teeth and feeding eccentric cam has no due to lack of oil high temperature annealing the needle is normal phenomenon and so on.If abnormal phenomenon is found,it shall be repaired in time.

    (3)after a long period of time,the machine has to undergo a major overhaul.In the era of soaring prices,the adjustment of the left and the right end of the needle and lower bending needle is in line with the standard.When large worn parts are found,new ones are to be replaced.