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Present situation and development direction of heat treatment of sewing machine parts at home

Apr 23, 2018

With the adjustment and development of sewing machine industry in our country, the variety and quality requirements of parts are constantly improving, which is not only the need of enterprises, but also the prerequisite for parts to go to the international market; Heat treatment, as an important process means in the process of parts processing, is more and more recognized and valued by enterprises. In recent years, China's heat treatment has undergone rapid changes, and many new equipment and processes have emerged, especially the application of controlled atmosphere box-type multi-purpose furnace, which has changed the situation of salt bath cyanidation in sewing machine industry in China.
The present situation of heat treatment equipment for sewing machine parts at home and abroad with the rapid development of science and technology, heat treatment production technology has undergone profound changes. at present, the heat treatment of sewing machine parts abroad mainly uses controlled atmosphere sealed box-type multi-purpose furnace, mesh belt furnace and vacuum furnace and fluidized particle furnace.
With the increase of the world pattern and communication, foreign advanced technology has become more and more mature in China. Now compared with the 90's, domestic heat treatment of sewing machine parts has risen to a higher level.
Take the domestic special sewing machine GreatRich brand for example, their factory has completely their own processing heat treatment process is also very mature, the machine quality is very good.