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Safety shoes instructions

Sep 22, 2018

A. Safety shoes can only be used within the specified safety performance when used as work protection shoes, and can only be used as auxiliary safety equipment;

B. When wearing safety shoes, try to avoid contact with the sharps. If the steel toe caps in the shoes are obviously deformed after heavy pressure or heavy smashing, they should not be used as safety shoes.

C. Under normal working conditions, the life of safety shoes is one year, and should be inspected after wearing one year. If there is obvious damage, it can no longer be used as work protection shoes;

D. Long-term use in water or humid environment will shorten the service life of safety shoes;

E. The storage place of safety shoes should be kept ventilated and dry while paying attention to mildew and mites;

F. After each use, the safety shoes should be placed in a ventilated place to dry, then use a brush to remove dust. Oil can often be waxed on the leather of the shoes.

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