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Sewing machine failure and prevention method

Apr 27, 2018

Broken needle

When sewing, the machine needle is subjected to too high camber or bending, and is damaged by stress, and the result is broken. possible causes and prevention methods of needle breakage.
1. replace the bent or damaged needle, put on a new needle
2. according to the tired type of sewing machine, select the appropriate machine needle
3. pay attention to the presser foot and needle plate between the machine needle 4should have accurate clearance
5.meet the intersection of sewing, slow down the sewing speed
6.avoid excessive suture tension
7.use reliable sutures
8.in the process of sewing should pay attention to hide, don't hit the needle

Jumper needle

In the process of forming the stitch, the bobbin tip can not hook the needle and thread so that the stitch can not be completed. to avoid the jumper, the following points should be paid attention to

1. the series of needles used shall conform to the type of sewing machine
2. the needle must be installed in the needle bar foot to the top
3. the size of the needle should conform to the corresponding suture
4. check the forming line ring work form
5. the machine needle is loaded into the needle bar and is torsionally displaced
6. the needle is too far away from the tip of the shuttle
7. pin hole of needle board is too large
8. high quality sutures shall be used
9. the hook tip of the shuttle is broken

thread broken

The main reasons for wire breakage are: high wire tension, wire fuzzing and needle overheating. the following problems should be paid attention to in order to avoid wire breakage

1. correctly guide the suture from the thread group
2. the suture should be in accordance with the provisions through the thread device
3. check whether the thread parts are damaged or have sharp edges
4. suture tension should not be too high
5. check whether the needle series conforms to the type of sewing machine used
6. the needle must be installed in the needle bar hole to the top
7. check the forming line ring work trip
8. check the shuttle lubrica