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Sewing machine parts

Apr 05, 2017

General sewing machine consists of machine head, motor, transmission and parts of annex IV. Head is a major part of sewing machines. It consists of spines, hooks wire, take-up and feed the four agencies and winding, press material, falls and other auxiliary bodies, the body movements to reasonably cooperate with circular, stitch sewing material. Base plate and chassis divided into two forms. Plate frame, plays a supporting role of head table, sewing operations as a Workbench. Plates come in a variety of shapes, have a fight or fold Tibetan, cabinets, desk type, and so on. -Chassis frame chassis plays a role of head support and storage, sewing machine is easy to carry and storage. Sewing machine drive by machine, hand or electric motors and other parts. Rack is the pillar of the machine, bearing plate and foot pedal. Use the operator when you step on the foot pedal, through rotation of the crank drive pulley and belt drive head to rotate. Most hand or motor mounted directly on the head.Sewing machine accessories include machine needle, bobbin, screwdriver, an oil pot, and so on.