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Sewing machine world development

Apr 05, 2017

After the industrial revolution in the mid-18th century, textile and industrial production contributed to the invention and development of the sewing machine. Load 1755 German sewing machine patent registered in the UK but the lack of textual criticism, in 1790, the British woodworking tuomasi·shante (Thomas Saint) first invented the world's first after the first hole, thread, sewing shoes single thread chain stitch used hand-cranked sewing machines. In 1841, the French tailor b • Thimonier (Barthelemy Thimonnier) (also translated batelemi·dimoniye) invented and manufactured the chain stitch sewing machine needle with a hook. In 1845, the yilaiyasi·Hao (also translated ailiasi·huowei) independently invented the sewing machine, in 1851, the American Machinist I.M. singer (also translated liechake·meilite • singer) invented a lock stitch sewing machines, and set up a winning company. Sewing machines during this period was essentially hand-type.