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Shoe making machinery sells well in MADE IN CHINA

Mar 28, 2018

At present, China's shoe-making machinery has basically covered all aspects of the shoe-making process, some enterprises have reached the international leading level of design and manufacturing capacity, shoe-making machinery products in the continuous improvement of scientific and technological content.
In recent years, China's footwear industry has developed rapidly. at present, China's footwear output is about 11.3 billion pairs, accounting for more than 60 % of the world's total output. footwear exports account for about a quarter of the total global footwear trade. China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of footwear. At the same time, as the shoe machine industry also developed rapidly.
Reporter learned that domestic shoe machine products not only serve the mainland market, but also exported to all parts of the world. However, with the development and promotion of the shoe machine industry, the shoe machine industry is also plagued by the rising cost of raw materials and labor costs.
Industry insiders pointed out that with China becoming the world's shoe processing base, shoe machine enterprises have also completed the initial start-up capital and technology accumulation. Nowadays, they design and produce new machines according to the process improvement of shoemaking enterprises in time, effectively improving the development ability of new products; Leather machinery shoe-making machinery supporting ability to improve in an all-round way, is trying to create Chinese brands and products with Chinese characteristics.
Wang Dan, secretary - general of leather and footwear machinery branch of China light industry machinery association, said that after nearly 20 years of imitation, digestion and absorption, China's leather and footwear machinery industry according to China's national conditions, the application of new technology, new technology, new materials, development and design, manufacturing more kinds of footwear equipment, manufacturing level has improved. Shoemaking machinery basically covers every link of shoemaking process, and has the output capacity of the whole factory. The related two kinds of mechanical equipment have high level in production efficiency, man-machine relationship, configuration of strain capacity, etc., the main models reached the international level in the 1990s, provide economic, reasonable and applicable production equipment for leather footwear industry, promote the development of leather footwear industry.