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Standards for safety shoes in different countries

Sep 23, 2018

Chinese standard

The current Chinese safety shoes standard is GB21148-2007, and the Chinese safety shoes standard is basically formulated with reference to European standards.

GB4014-83 leather safety shoes; GB7054-86 rubber surface anti-smash safety boots.

Safety protective shoes are high-tech and high value-added footwear products. The production process of safety protective shoes has high requirements on raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, mechanical equipment, etc. At present, many domestic footwear with certain scale and grades Enterprises have turned their attention to safety protection shoes, a market segment that has been occupied by developed countries.

European standard

European Standard EN345 "Special Safety, Protection and Work Shoes" This European Standard was developed by CEN/TC61 Technical Committee for "Protection of Foot and Legs" and its secretariat is operated by BSI. This standard specifies the structural design and performance indicators of safety shoes, such as shoes, uppers, shoes, tongues, insole and outsole. The test methods for each item specified in the standard are similar to other similar standards, and the method principle is also generally applicable to most safety shoes.

American standard

(ANSI-Z41-1991) Safety shoes with protective toe caps can be classified into three types depending on the resistance of the shoe to compression and impact.

Australian Standard

(AS/NZS 2210.1:1994) This standard divides safety shoes into four types, including: Heavy duty work safety shoes, medium work safety shoes, light work safety shoes, waterproof safety shoes.

Japanese standard

(J1S-T-8015: 1983)

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