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Structure of sewing machine needle (二)

Apr 09, 2018

Continuing with the rest of the previous article, today's article will provide a complete description of what constitutes a complete needle。
5.Needle hole - in the lower part of the needle body, above the eye of the needle which is a concave part, can make the needle and hook part ( spindle tip ) more closely, to form an ideal position to form a coil make the sewing machine in the work of the spindle tip can accurately pick up the coil.

6. Long needle slot - on the needle body, the sewing thread moves down along the needle body, when the needle passes through the sewing material, the needle slot provides a protective channel for the sewing thread, the thread slides in the slot, greatly reducing the friction between the sewing thread and the sewing material. The needle slot is finely ground to ensure smooth threading.

7.Eyelets - the eyelets are located at the junction of the needle tip and the needle, allowing the suture to pass through the eyelets of the needle and direct the sewing thread through the portion of the sewing article. In sewing, the suture slides repeatedly in the thread hole rapidly. a good thread hole is provided with the condition that any suture can smoothly pass through the thread hole. in order to realize the goal that the coarse suture can also be used as a fine needle, the aperture of the needle hole is usually enlarged as much as possible.

8.Short needle slot — located near the needle hole, approximately twice as long as the needle hole, guides the face line as the needle pierces the fabric. When that machine needle is raise, because the surface wire part is exposed out of the groove, great friction force is generate, the surface wire is prevented from rising along with the needle, and the formation of the wire loop is promoted. Needle tip is the most critical part of sewing machine needle, sewing thread in the needle hole has a straight down and change the target purpose, become a transverse through the pinhole, needle in through the material is the greatest strength of the transverse part of the hole, we must disperse the part of the concentrated energy, short needle slot can effectively reduce the damage to the material.

9.Needle tip - the thinner part of the eye to the tip of the needle that forces the yarn or fiber apart or even splits the sewing material so that the needle passes through the seam.
A complete machine needle structure, there are many parts, only each part is properly designed, the whole machine needle operation on the sewing machine can achieve the best results.