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Ten factors influencing the sales performance of shoe stores(一)

May 15, 2018

Under the leadership of the country, our per capita income has seen a large increase, and we have begun to have a certain search for material life. We also have the remaining funds to dress ourselves, and also require different shoes to be assigned to different costumes. The relative shoes shop is also added day by day. then how to make a profit in  shoe shop ? That GreatRich  special shoe machine manufacturer pick up some of the 10 factors that affect the shoe store sales: Let's go and see!

1.Stock amount

Inventories = The inventory is a unit of measure for the amount of goods entering and leaving the warehouse. The stock of shoes refers to the single color. Single number.

2. Vital Performance Policy Act

The key performance approach law: it is to review the performance of the brief into several major guidelines for the review, the key policy as a learning standard, the performance of employee rewards and the first principle of comparison, to make a comparative check method.

3. Visual marketing

Visual marketing can also be called "visualization of product plans." .

It involves not only the problems of layout, decoration, display, and sale, but also the corporate culture and operating philosophy system. The demand for professional knowledge and skills that spans several parts is not "showing and laying out" in a narrow sense. In practice, it should be a broad expression of "integrity of the store and the environment."

4.VP layout

Role: Express the overall image of the store's store, guide customers into the store, pay attention to the construction of the air, focus on the theme.

VP is an important demonstration space to attract customers' first vision. The address is a showcase, a store entrance, a Nakajima booth, and a plane exhibition table. By the designer, layout teacher.

5.PP point of sale (GreatRich shoemaking machinery)

Role: Express the image of regional stores and guide customers to watch around the showcases. Further demonstrate the product's features and styles, and demonstrate the relevance of selling products in practice. PP is the area where the customer first enters the shop after the shop enters, and is the primary display area for the product selling point. The local must pay attention to it.

Please see the next article for the rest.