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Ten factors influencing the sales performance of shoe stores(二)

May 15, 2018

6.IP single product layout

Role: The products being sold are categorized, packed, and placed on the product. Clear, easy-to-sell layout of styles. In this way, the choice of customers is the same, and the relative purchase volume is also very large.

7. Growth rate

Sales growth rate = (in one cycle) sales amount or quantity / (previous period) sale amount or quantity -1)

Ring growth rate = (report period - base period) / base period × 100%.

8. Gross margin

Gross Profit Margin = Completed Gross Margin / Completed Sale × 100%

9. The old customer contribution rate

Assume that the store has 500,000 gross profit a year, during which the old customer consumes a gross profit of 450,000; the new customer has a gross profit of 50,000; then the old customer contribution rate of the store is 90%; and the new customer contribution rate is 10%. Therefore, we must maintain good customer relations and send greetings to our old customers on holidays.

10. Band

The band refers to the batch of new goods purchased by the shoe-wear company in the store. Generally speaking, the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter are the natural cargo bands. Assuming that the brand has multiple stores across the country, it must be combined. The local temperature changes the goods. Others, within a large time band, will be divided into many small bands.

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