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Ten major procedures for professional leather shoes care

Oct 14, 2018

Professional leather shoes require patient and meticulous care. For example, in the case of glossy shoes, 10 procedures are essential.

1. Clean the soles and the edges of the shoes. Special leather cleaning water is used, because leather shoes can't meet water, and special clean water can make the leather not fade or yellow.

2. Clean the seams and uppers. At this time, use a decontamination cream. Do not use a toothbrush. The bristles of the toothbrush will scratch the cortex. After using the past stain, wipe off the decontamination cream with a towel.

3.Apply the shoe polish. Professional use is often solid shoe polish, so that the oil is heavier. If the shoe polish is uneven, different brightness will appear.

4. Drying. After finishing a shoe polish, put it into the sterilization box for 3 minutes, the temperature is about 50-70 °C, the hot air in the sterilization box can make the oil better infiltrate into the leather. If the shoes are too dirty, use the decontamination cream a few times, so you have to dry and then oil, because the decontamination cream also contains water.

5.Large brush polishing. Beat the excess oil and the gloss will come out. Then polish the oil on the surface of the leather with a towel until it is rubbed on the leather shoes.

6. Rub the shoe cream. This shoe cream is more oily and moisturizing the skin. Then bake for another three minutes. Then polish with a large brush.

7. Wipe the shoe wax. The edges of the shoes and the uppers have to be taken care of. Shoe wax is liquid, making the leather more glossy. After finishing the shoe wax, it is still necessary to dry, polish and polish the liquid shoe wax.

8. Clean the shoes with water-based shoe brush and clean water.

9. Drying. This time the drying is a little different from the front. Since the inside of the shoe is wet, it is necessary to use the shoe support to support the shoes and bake them at 50 °C. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to degumming the shoes. 10-15 minutes.

10. Disinfection. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to sterilize directly after baking.