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What shoes look good in winter

Jun 13, 2018

The ankle-wrapped high-heeled shoes have an inherent cool and handsome smell and are blended with the style of health boots´╝î look fashionable. It is perfectly matched with the dashing and heroic posture of a double-breasted coat, and  it together presents an independent and capable model of a big woman. As long as leggings or pencil pants share the same color as high-heeled shoes, the same can have a wonderful effect of stretching the lower body line. The plump and lengthened tongue looks very futuristic and the spliced sneakers actually have an obvious modern feel. The internal high heel completely subverts the image of the flat bottom of the sneaker and the small and exquisite girl can wear it with ease.
Shoes and boots with thin heels are more delicate and have thin legs than those with thick heels, which is the heart choice of many beautiful girls. However, in autumn and winter, the gradually thicker clothes and the thin heel shoes and boots make it very simple to commit the shortcoming of " anticlimactic" and have the uncomfortable feeling of not being in tune. How to break this " devil's law"? We should start with design, raw materials and color. By combining the three aspects, a perfect effect can be achieved.

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