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Why are running shoes so popular?

Jun 23, 2018

       First of all, as the name implies, running shoes are most suitable for running. 

  1. Cushioning: a qualified running shoe whose running shoe midsole can be a foam-like material. its cushioning principle splits a material called TPU into thousands of tiny particles, which are then stored together and molded into the outsole of the running shoe to achieve a super rebound effect,. And shockproof is very important in running.

  2. High wear resistance: the mission of a pair of running shoes is to accompany the users to keep moving forward and fly over. the high degree of sports friction is easy to wear and is not good for the people wearing them. undoubtedly, the characteristics of wear resistance and sweat absorption have become one of the popular factors of running shoes.
    Concept of sports: with the improvement of living standards and high pressure, people are moving back and forth in their work with high tension, accompanied by various physical problems. in order to alleviate this situation, more and more people choose to exercise their own body through running. running does not need to cost or purchase fitness equipment to complete, and can be carried out in a suitable place. therefore, it is especially important to have a pair of suitable running shoes in.. The average number of steps under 18 years old and between 28 and 36 years old is around 5,000, with a lower number of steps in.. However, the average number of steps for people over 46 years old is above 5400, which shows that they have more time to exercise and pay more attention to healthy.. From time to time, sports and climate are closely linked to each other in. In January and August, the number of uniform movement steps of the people in the country was relatively low, and the shoe-making production lines were all around 5,000 steps in;. In April and December, the number of steps of the national movement formed two peaks, with the number of steps both at about 5500 in..

  3. Personality: there are many styles of shoes on the market, among which running shoes are among them. new and fashionable styles are especially popular among young people. in addition, excellent cushioning effect, excellent wrapping and heat dissipation make runners get a completely new running experience in..

  4. Star effect: in addition to the various advantages of running shoes, many stars also like to wear them. the fans effect is strong due to the blessing of public figures. when there is a star aura, the popularity and sales of running shoes will naturally go up all the way.

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