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Why choose our GreatRich machinery shoe machine

Apr 18, 2018

Chinese has many shoe machine manufacturer ,but why a lot of customer  friends even if around finally will choose our GreatRich factory manufacturing?

The first point: 31 years of time witnessed the growth of our GreatRich manufacturing, from the manufacture of parts to the production of the whole machine, after many years of experience and technology has been very mature, including side seam series ,shoe sole  series ,moccasin shoe machine series Goodyear shoes machine series,and so on.

The second point: quality first is our principle , professional is our capital, GreatRich only produces high-quality footwear shoe equipment for our customers with the highest quality and services

The third point: we provide technical support after-sales service: buy the machine do not know how to operateGreatRich for you to provide professional teaching video and technical personnel guidance.

The fourth point: GreatRich shoes sample proofing services, for you to shoot the proofing process and then send back the shoe sample confirmation before you purchase

From parts to the whole machine is GreatRich factory manufacturing, all parts using the original HAAS CNC machine, parts processing precision is high

In fact,there are many other reasons that why choose us GreatRich manufacturing is right,you can connect us for more information.