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Why is this model GR-998 shoe sole machine so popular?

Dec 12, 2018

The model GR-998of the GreatRich factory is very good . It has been well received by customers and repurchased because the advantages of this model are very obvious.

First of all, this model has been developed for more than 20 years. It is mainly used to sew various shoe soles. The machine has been continuously improved and the performance has been very stable.

According to the customer's shoes style and material, 3 different horns are designed to adapt to the sewing of most shoes on the market.

The machine is easy to penetrate very thick and hard shoes. The stitches are very uniform and beautiful.

Different types of shoes can be sewn with different horns. The speed is stepless speed regulation mode. The daily output is very impressive.

Before the machine leaves the factory, after strict test, the customers can get into the work immediately after receiving the machine. No customer installation is required.

If the parts are damaged due to improper reasons, you can contact our factory directly to purchase sufficient inventory. The customer is not worried about the damage of the parts and the production progress.

GreatRich's quality has been well known and recognized by the public, because good quality has continuous opportunities. GreatRich promises to continue to provide the best quality shoe machines for customers. It will continue to develop new models to meet the needs of more customers.