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Winding device of sewing machine.

Mar 10, 2018

    Winding device is an important parts for sewing machine.Although it is small in size, it has a lot of complex components. After mastering its structure and performance, it is very convenient to use. But please pay attention that if it is operated or adjusted improper, it can also cause operational problems, or some problem on the spool. 

    The winding device includes screws which has more than a dozen parts. If the two springs of the device do not jump out of the hole position of the springboard and the shaft frame and there is no rupture, then the springboard of the winding device can jump up and down. The adjusting screw adjusts the pressure and height of the winding shaft. If its pressure and height are not adjusted properly, it may cause the rotation of the axis to stop or not turn at all. As long as we understand the performance and function of the two key parts above, we can correctly judge the reason of the failure, and grasp the main contradiction that caused the fault. It can be disassembled in sequence and adjusted and repaired in a targeted manner.

    Disassembly Winding device: when the winding device fails, if it is determined that the screw was improperly adjusted and caused to stop when turning, then it is not necessary to remove it; it is only  to adjust the screw. If the internal parts are damaged,the complete set of winders must be checked. If the inner spring jumps out and the winding becomes inelastic, the two screws will have to be unscrewed one after another, and all the parts can be removed and the spring can be reinstalled. In the case of a particular part or wear and tear, that must be replaced. 

    Installation of winding device: more parts and more complicated structure are made up of winding device, so it is necessary to find out the order of installation in order to install methodically in order to avoid rework. 

    Before installation, familiarize the disassembled parts and numbers before installing, insert the spring into the small hole of the springboard, twist the screw in the screw hole in the direction of the center line, and adjust the spring to fit into the hole of the shaft frame. Press the adjusting plate on the shaft frame, pass the screw through the center of the three parts above,and then tighten the screw in the screw hole immediately. Just install the two parts, and the rest of the spool, small wheel, rubber ring three needle car accessories can be installed in turn. Finally screw up the adjusting screw. It is required that the installed axis rotate flexibly around the wire shaft. Install a full set of wire winders with two screws on the nose,then this full set of wire winders have been installed, it will be ready for trial use.