268E children's and baby's shoe anterior upper sewing machine

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Description of baby's shoe anterior upper sewing machine

1.This baby's shoe machine is a typical stitching machine for children's shoes.

2.Children's shoes sizes are generally smaller. to reach this effect, the horn head is just about 59mm in size

3.For usual machine, the machine just can sew edges or bottoms,cannot be meet at the same time. This machine can sew not only the sides of children's shoes, but also the front side of children's shoes. Let's take a look at the picture below.

4.The children's shoe machine and model GR - 268 ES children's shoe machine belong to different models of the same product. only the horn head is different in size , the size of this anterior upper sewing machine is slightly larger, so the shoes sewn are different in size.

5.Tip of friendship: in order to match the best model, you can send shoe samples. we can determine which of the two is more suitable by testing.

6.Different kinds of shoes need different kinds of shoe machines to make,through testing and comparison can confirm the suitable one or more.

7.Every part of baby's shoe anterior upper sewing machine is made by HAAS CNC equipment


The colour of it is blue which is  the representative color of our factory machinery

If you want to buy our machines ,pls directly to contact us rather than contact other company,Since our machines are of good quality and are generally recognized as of good quality, there are many forgeries in the marked,This problem can only be avoided if you are purchasing from the source manufacturer,that is,GreatRich.

The parameter of  baby's shoe anterior upper sewing machine




THe shoes as follewed,the smooth and fine line track, the distance between lines can be adjusted.


Some doubts of baby's shoe anterior upper sewing machine

1. What is the daily output of your machine?
Different machine series are different, and 800 pairs are common, which is also closely related to the operator's proficiency.

2. I want to send shoe samples here. how can I fill in the address?
Changshu GreatRich Machinery Co., ltd., Tonggang road, Meili town, Changshu city, Jiangsu province, China, Henry +86-13915610068

3. I made the payment first. how can I guarantee my rights
You can contact us to conduct the credit guarantee transaction by online trading and our funds will not be transferred from the platform account until you confirm the receipt.

4. Parts are damaged, where can I buy them?
Youcan contact us directly to buy, but you need to pay the freight.

5. I am your old customer. can I have a discount?
Yes, the total quantity of second order exceeds 15 sets, and there will be internal discount. you can contact us directly for negotiation.

The capacity&scale of our factory


Welcome to buy the high-quality 268e children's and baby's shoe anterior upper sewing machine from our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. The good after-ale service and fast delivery are offered by our factory.