Industrial Side seam Shoe Stitching Machine

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Production for industrial sideseam shoe stitching machine

The industrial sideseam shoe stitching machine  is suitable for sideseam  sewing of  indoor slipper ,plate shoes and casual shoes which has single thread to sew the kinds of shoes.

There are two models, chain and gear.The gear type is more convenient for maintenance.

The rotating wheel of the machine adopts clutch type. when the load exceeds the load, the handwheel will automatically disengage from the spindle for idling. After 2 seconds, the motor will stop rotating to ensure the safety of all components of the machine.


Characteristics for GR-168  industrial sideseam shoe machine :


Details for168-2 industrial sideseam shoe stitching machine :

Advantages:Rotary shuttle, needle feeding, nice stitch,Standard horn head.The material sewn is light and thin.


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