Shoe Sewing Making Machine

Shoe Sewing Making Machine
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Description for shoe sewing making machine

 being a leading enterprise of this industry, we are offering a huge range of Shoe Sewing Machine. 

1.Equipped with table top, stand and Ho Hsing electrical engineering. 

2.The factory shoe sewing making machine can stitch side seam edge locking processing of kinds of shoes.

3.This special good shoe  machine is one of the main models of GreatRich with  reliable quality and reasonable price.

4.This industrial shoe making machine is similar to 168 like many sewing shoes are the same, particularly suitable for stitchiing  protection shoes.

5.The sewing position of the machine can be side edge machining or bottom edge machining of shoes

6.This shoe sewing machine is multi-purpose and can directly change horn head on the machine to realize the conversion from side seam to bottom seam.

7.Its needle height  can be justment so that meet materials of different thicknesses.


Specifications for industrial shoe making machine


Guarantees of shoe sewing making machine

1.Company support from pre-sale to after-sale service, quality and service can be guaranteed.

2.After purchase, provide proofing and maintenance videos to better operate the machine.

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