Moccasin Shoe Upper Sewing Machine

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Description for moccasin shoe upper sewing machine

1.Moccasin shoe upper sewing machine is designed and manufactured by GreatRich factory and the market shares most of it. All the models on the market are sold or used from GreatRich Company.

2. It is called moccasin shoe machine which is specially designed for sewing special moccasin thread 

3. There are various types of shoes sewn by this shoe upper machine, as long as you send the sewing pattern required you need, we can adjust and assemble the machine according to your pattern and match the most suitable cam.

4. It is better than other alike machines. Even novices can adapt quickly

5. To spell, wrinkle or  edge can be sewn, by professional debugging personnel

6. In general, needle feeding machines are more common than presser foot feeding, each has advantages and disadvantages,this machine is needle feeding .

6. The upper sewing machine is suitable for sewing all kinds of leather or casual shoes. it has various patterns and smooth stitches. the shuttle is selected to swing the shuttle so as to achieve smooth and beautiful stitch effect.

7. With simple operation, the daily production quantity is considerable.

8. The parameters of the machine are for reference only, and shall be subject to the actual object.

9. This machine is the best choice for sewing shoes. welcome to order.


Moccasin shoe sewing machine parameter

Sewing   speed

Stepless   speed regulating

Sewing   thickness


Stitch   length


Sewing   thread

Woven   wire(Φ1-1.2mm)

Sewing   needle



750W/ 220V one-phase  50-60hz

750W/ 380V three-phase  50-60hz

Net   weight


Domestic   packing gross weight


Domestic   packing parameter


Exportation   packing gross weight


Exportation   packing parameter


Details of shoe upper making machine(8 patterns)

 patterns of upper machine.jpg


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