Shoe Upper Leather Sewing Machine

Shoe Upper Leather Sewing Machine
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Description of  shoe upper leather sewing machine

1.This shoe upper leather sewing machines is one of the moccasin machine series and is a machine that can work sitting.
2.It is mainly used for sewing various patterns of leather shoes or casual shoes , which is a necessary sewing machine equipment before shoe forming.
3.The machine has 2 needles with one thread each and the bobbin thread in the swing shuttle forms a three-wire lock stitch.
4.This shoe upper leather stitching machine has one generation and two generations, there is few difference in appearance, the difference is that 2 generation machine has another group of cams at side inside.
5.This kind of machine is teeth feeding,namely, the roller presser foot and the feeding teeth below the material assist in feeding so that the stitch is uniform and  good.
6.This leather  machine usually uses moccasin line mostly and seldom uses round line. The reason is not that you can't, but the sewing position of the machine is sewed with a braided thread ,the surface looks more fine.
7.Its motor is Taiwan's Hohsing motor brand which recognized reliable quality .


Details of shoe upper leather sewing machine


Pattern display of casual shoes



GR-81 in addition to sewing the original 12 patterns, GR-81/2 can also sew 6 kinds of special patterns, is a multi-purpose machine.


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