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Are These Insole Stiching Machines Maintenance Points, Do You Do It?

Jul 14, 2017

A lottery machine is a lot of good or bad evaluation criteria, but the most direct standard, from the two aspects of the machine. On the one hand is the quality of the machine is good or bad, on the other hand is the length of the machine life or not. Machine quality depends on the Insole Stiching Machines manufacturers brand, but the machine's life span, or depends on the latter part of the maintenance. In order to improve the efficiency of the machine, increase the production of income, extend the return on investment in machinery, Insole Stiching Machines maintenance is imperative. In the Insole Stiching Machines operation Insole Stiching Machines, you need to do the following maintenance work!

Xiaobian from the Insole Stiching Machines maintenance features, divided into three parts (maintenance parts, maintenance intervals, maintenance precautions), to tell you in detail!

Insole Stiching Machines maintenance parts:

Insole Stiching Machines maintenance, by the embroidery workers, ordinary Insole Stiching Machines parts 5 to 10 minutes time to seriously check the equipment, focus on Insole Stiching Machines parts 10 to 15 minutes time to seriously check the equipment. Need to wipe the various parts of the machine and filling the oil, so that equipment often keep neat, clean, lubricated, safe, is conducive to smooth operation of the machine. At present, the maintenance parts of the Insole Stiching Machines are: the main shaft gearbox, the trimming line structure, the adjusting line structure, the color changing structure, the X axis guide drive, the Y axis guide drive, the cable structure and the embroidery frame structure.

In fact, many embroidery factory operators, not very concerned about the Insole Stiching Machines maintenance cycle, some year or years maintenance of a Insole Stiching Machines, and even some embroidery factory only machine failure, only think of maintenance. "But also the horse ran fast, but also the horse do not eat grass." Only to master the maintenance of various parts of the Insole Stiching Machines in order to make the machine more smoothly, effectively improve the efficiency of the machine.

Insole Stiching Machines maintenance Note:

On the Insole Stiching Machines to clean up dust and debris, not only to ensure the beauty of the machine, the same is to ensure that the machine a good working condition, so that Insole Stiching Machines to achieve exquisite embroidery effect.

(1) hook line structure hook, bobbin case, bobbin brush with a clean, try not to use the sharp tool to clean up

(2) line structure line poles, lines, blankets to clean up debris and thread

(3) cable structure rotating wheel, transfer line, line adjustment spring, line to always clean up

(4) table and embroidery frame surface cleaning scissors, tape, tape, embroidery and so on.

(5) computer surface and exhaust fan often wipe, open the back cover, clean up the dust.

(6) power box, drive box also need to always wipe the dust, keep clean.