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Computer Insole Stiching Machines Is Popular In Clothing Colleges!

Jul 05, 2017

 It is understood that China's clothing colleges around the general opening of the computer embroidery studio. In the studio placed a Insole Stiching Machines, intended to allow students to learn to operate the flower machine, learning plate, so that students design their own beautiful embroidery patterns, learn more advanced embroidery products production and management knowledge.

With the domestic textile production technology is growing, greatly enhance the value of Chinese textiles. In particular, computer Insole Stiching Machines and the popularity of computer embroidery technology to speed up the textile embroidery speed and quality, improve the price of textiles, but also reduce the cost of embroidery. At the same time, the whole computer embroidery technology also greatly saves the workers working time and strength, the workers only through the computer order, the fabric into the machine can complete all the embroidery work. The whole process is simple, fast, saving time and effort.

Insole Stiching Machines jump needle troubleshooting

1, the needle of poor quality, easy to bend, needle sharp:

2, machine loaded anti (line for their own);

3, pin number and diameter unworthy;

4, needle bar level is not right (172 degrees, the pinhole center should be in the shuttle inside the cut);

5, at 196 degrees hook and needle clearance is too large; rotary hook between the gap is too large;

6, the upper and lower thread tension; fabric too loose;

7, the presser foot is too high, the next spring off or too soft;

8, the bottom dead center position (172 degrees) run away;

9, take off too early (286 degrees);

10, the head parts wear serious, needle bar up and down the gap is too large.