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Computer Patterns Sewing Machines Performance Test Common Sense

Jul 14, 2017

When some low prices of domestic mechanical and electrical integration products appear, the user is easy to buy in front of the price gap is confused. Since the mechatronic Patterns Sewing Machines is much more expensive than the traditional mechanical Patterns Sewing Machines, the user can check the performance of the mechatronics Patterns Sewing Machines from the following five points.

One, low noise, low vibration design. Electromechanical integrated Patterns Sewing Machiness use computer anatomy, from the structure of the chassis to the small parts of each part to achieve the optimal design, which, in its daily work, to maximize the suppression of noise and vibration. In addition, this type of machine in the design of the nose to achieve the best balance, the upper and lower shaft drive through the synchronous toothed belt drive, so that the noise has been greatly reduced, to achieve a low vibration, low noise work. Therefore, the user at the time of purchase, no matter what brand of the machine, no matter how much the price difference, mechanical and electrical integration of Patterns Sewing Machines low vibration and low noise treatment, is one of its characteristics, such as the effect is not good, you should give up buying The

Second, the purchase of such machines, should not be too much emphasis on the sewing speed of the machine, although the mechanical and electrical integration Patterns Sewing Machines sewing speed than the traditional Patterns Sewing Machines much faster, but in the clothing production process, the speed requirements are not faster Well, it takes into account the bearing and suture tolerance. Therefore, in the purchase of mechanical and electrical integration of Patterns Sewing Machines, the sewing speed and the stability of the machine should be weighed, do not blindly follow the recommendations of the sales staff, the pursuit of Patterns Sewing Machines speed.

Third, a high degree of automation, operational effort. Users in the test machine, we must debug the mechanical and electrical integration of the Patterns Sewing Machines automation function, to see if it can automatically set the sewing work set. Such as laser or infrared film positioning, automatic seam, thick seam sewing suture tension automatic adjustment, automatic variable speed, automatic torque, automatic thread cutting, automatic fill the needle, man-machine dialogue user programming, sewing process automatically track and so on.

Fourth, stand-alone use of performance expansion. A mechanical and electrical integrated Patterns Sewing Machines can complete a number of mechanical Patterns Sewing Machines to complete the work. For example, industrial twists and turns Patterns Sewing Machines, generally a mechanical zigzag Patterns Sewing Machines can only complete a pattern of sewing, and a computer twist Patterns Sewing Machines can be completed 20 or even more pattern sewing. In addition, since the computer-controlled Patterns Sewing Machines increases the adjustment range of the feed teeth, it can sew more different types of cloths. And according to a variety of fabrics to adjust the most appropriate amount of difference, in the front and back delivery, even if the stitch length changes, the differential ratio will not change, no need to adjust.