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Computerized Quilting Machine Features And Benefits

Apr 05, 2017

(1) the thickness adjustment: to adjust the different thickness, you can follow the instructions to adjust the depth of quilting. (2) pattern storage capabilities: computerized quilting machine disks can be stored for a long time pattern, a user can select as needed using the Add pattern. Simple, fast and convenient. (3) set the line feature: high reliability and uniform stitching, patterns are not easily deformed. (4) the hook function: can effectively prevent breakage. (5) break detection: when broken, the system automatically. (6) covers usage: computerized quilting machine and small, but large size quilting. (7) information display: spindle speed can be seen on the display, stop, production statistics, the remaining memory display. (8) safety devices: anomalies such as computers, electrical machinery, machine will stop automatically, the picture fails. (9) strengthening joint function: open the quilting features reinforced, quilting machine quilting stitches back and forth automatically at a certain point. (10) power off memory function: operating during power failure or when the power is off, or when the quilting machine (needle and thread) problems, downtime when computerized quilting machine can automatically along the flower path and routes to fast forward or rewind.